We work with each and every family to take as much worry and concern off their shoulders as possible. Although we are not able to remove all the pain they feel, we make sure that every one of their loved one’s wishes are carried out precisely as requested. Our job is to ensure that everything runs smoothly so the family can focus on what’s important—honoring their loved ones.

We believe that our Jewish laws, traditions, and customs passed down from previous generations, one to another, are a vital source of comfort for families. We respect our heritage and faith by offering services that reflect the diversity of Jewish practice—from the strict ritual preparation of a traditional Jewish funeral to each individual’s wishes.

We pride ourselves in adapting each service to fit specific needs, while always maintaining the integrity and respect of Judaism. We never sit in judgment of the manner in which one chooses to observe, but we do insist that whatever type of funeral service a family arranges, it be enveloped with the dignity it commands.

Even more, we believe that all loved–ones deserve to be buried in the most respectful and respectable manner. Although we exist as a "business," we fully realize that there are many in our community who are unable to afford to pay for any type of funeral service. We are grateful to be in a position that has allowed us to never turn anyone away due to an inability to pay.

Shure Funeral Home is also proud to have been invited to the International Order of the Golden Rule.